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Adapting to the Pandemic Marathon: How is your story going to shine through darker days?

Risk-taking when everyone is playing safe might just be the winning method in the long run for survival and heightened brand awareness. It is time to tailoring your tactics with brand building.

With so many of us around the world cooped up at home during the pandemic, our time spent working and idling in front of the screen has exponentially increased. Coupled with the fact that many organisations remain silent, often cutting budgets for communication strategies to concentrate on stimulating sales, the time is therefore ripe to be opportunistic and raise your voice and heighten your mission awareness.

Building your mission is all about long-term thinking and cannot solely be reserved for the good growth times. During economic hardships such as the one we are currently experiencing, the chance is nigh to be considered by consumers, both old and new. Competition may also be dwindling, or growing more silent in order to focus on stimulating sales, detrimentally shouting out loud that they are defeated by the tough economic situation. Conversely, seeing the downturn as an opportunity to speak aloud and gain more brand awareness will be a fruitful endeavor. 

During times of uncertainty, it can be human nature to place our trust in those we believe truly understand us. Similarly, empathy becomes an important source of brand differentiation during a period of insecurity. It is therefore vital to bolster trust within your team and consumers by raising your voice. Communications can reinforce an emotional connection with your story and brand, whilst simultaneously demonstrating strength in times of weakness. The continued engagement can help maintain older bonds and stimulate the creation of fresh ones. In these unprecedented times, you are most probably flooded with worries, but by reaching out and building a stronger community of support will lead to long-lasting relationships with dedicated consumers and employees.

See this pandemic as an opportunity to get loud, to proudly vocalise and blossom support for your brand when others lurk silently in the dark. For your mission to be seen and heard by others, get in contact with our kickass Team at Matai Media.

Written by our ingenious Jessica Papini

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