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Celebrating 10 years of highlights and many more to come…

The journey of Mātai Media is one close to our hearts and this week we are excited to celebrate our 10-year milestone. Ten Years! That’s ten times around the sun… 130 times for the moon around us… We think you get the point. So, as we expand our growth and focus our direction with Mātai Collective, we pause for a moment to get a bit nostalgic about the journey that has brought us to this point.

Our storybook of some memorable projects and adventures… 

What’s in store for the upcoming years?

After ten delightful and inspiring years, we have built up an extensive and creativity-entrenched portfolio, hacked a few processes and mastered the art of storytelling, all the while focusing on translating complex yet important messages to inspire powerful action. It is time to take Mātai Media to the next level and bring in more expertise to have a wider-reaching impact. As a result, Mātai Media has now grown into Mātai Collective, a bundle of uber-talented humans who have their own back catalogue of experience, knowledge and skills to bring to the table which will be shared and spotlighted in the forthcoming posts. 

We have been busy queen bees these past few months and shall continue to be in the ones to come. The Mātai hive has enlisted new members to form the mightily interdisciplinary and multi-skillsetted Mātai Collective. Our crew of badass queen bees can now provide an extensive array of creative content and communications services, including:

Volunteering skills and time are important pieces to the Mātai Media & Mātai Collaborative ethos pie. Over the years, we have dedicated a certain amount of our time to help artists, non-profits, students and youth.

We shall continue our social enterprise approach by volunteering at least 10% of our time for positive social and environmental impact-driven organisations who have limited capacities to afford communications support. Our clients can share in the goodwill, knowing that their choice to collaborate with our team will have positive flow-on effects to support others.

Curious about who we are and what experience and knowledge we can bring to your table? Check out the full team description here!

for collaboration ideas and keep following our updates and posts for comms-related tips and tricks, celebrative stories of projects, our awesome clients and dreamy collective members.

Blog written by Jess & Lu of Mātai Collective